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Visit vivid and ever-evolving virtual worlds built by our community, and the persistent virtual realm of Aetheron made by World Overlay.
Create assets, environments and experiences, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can build. Own the virtual world you build, through NFT tokenisation of assets. With our homebuilder tool and a sophisticated SDK for more experienced developers, we provide the tools for you to realise your imagination.
Monetise your creations, buy amazing art pieces and equipment or participate and earn from the drops you get in Aetheron. Goods from our marketplace are minted as NFTs on the blockchain, so you will truly own the goods in your digital inventory.
Buy true Virtual Land with a real coordinate in Aetheron’s Virtual Realm, and be at the nexus of in-game content such as quests, merchants and NPCs. You will never need to buy virtual instances which can be created freely with us.


Guild House

A world-class team of entrepeneurs, engineers and artists

James Lee
An avid gamer, cryptocurrency trader and dApp creator. An economist by training from the University of Warwick, James is also highly experienced in game design and product development, thanks to a strong background in creating various innovative technical products in both traditional and blockchain industries.
Clovis Lim
Clovis is an experienced cryptocurrency entrepreneur, investor, and trader. Clovis leads a prolific cryptocurrency fund, and has created numerous highly profitable businesses in Singapore and beyond. He is educated in Melbourne University in Commerce and Finance
Eunho Ahn
A full stack developer by trade, he has an illustrious record of leading development in numerous world-famous game titles in his decades of work with Netmarble and Smilegate, two of the largest game companies in Korea and indeed, globally.
Jinhwan Lee
Overlay Portal Lead
Lee is a full stack developer and blockchain enthusiast that has developed several marketplace platforms in South Korea. He has expansive product experience from long stints leading technical teams in both Netmarble and SK Communications, and specialises in server development and SDK design.
Jungyoung Choi
Chief Information Security Officer
A full stack developer with decades of experience leading technical teams to create ambitious platforms with millions of users. Choi is one of the founding members of the Naver Search Engine development team, with expansive knowledge on cybersecurity and data protection systems.
Jimmy Moon
Head of Game Development
An experienced venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and blockchain project developer. He has a lengthy record of investing and working with various game studios and media companies in South Korea.
Cai Sheng Jin
Head of Content Development
He has decades of experience leading content development and media companies in korea. Currently leads Studio Locomo, an animation studio specialising in the creation of transmedia assets used in webtoons and cinematics.
Lim Boon Tiong
Director of Legal & Partnerships
BT is a Singapore-qualified lawyer experienced in the areas of Capital Markets, M&A as well as Tax and Trusts. In the crypto space, BT has been in charge of operations and product development for several decentralised finance projects.
Kevin Pak
Head of Partnership
Results-driven Head of Partnership officer with over 8 years experience leading and increasing growth in small and medium businesses, Pak have secured many deals with relationships abroad all networks from Asia to Europe in IT Ventures. Strong interpersonal and planning skills, combined with the ability to coordinate the efforts of many to meet organizational goals. He is educated in Melbourne University in International relations and Law.
Nicholas Oo
Community Manager
Nicholas is a community manager that has worked in multiple Web3 projects involving NFTs, fantasy sports and now metaverses. Trained in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, he also has experience in project management and operations and will be bringing that to his role here.


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